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Cat Ba Lan Homestay

Viet Hai village, Cat Ba Island
Lan homestay is located in Viet Hai village in the middle of Cat Ba national park. Homestay invests in a large campus with many fruit trees and... More

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  • Moving to Cat Ba Lan homestay

    Because it is located in the middle of Cat Ba National Park, there is no road for vehicles to move into the Lan homestay. The way to the Lan homestay is the same way to the Viet Hai village. There are 2 main ways to get here:

    Option 1: Trekking through Cat Ba National Park

    This is the way that many young people who love trekking choose to go to the Lan homestay. The road is about 12km. If you go fast, it will take about 3.5 hours. If you walk while sightseeing, it will take about 4.5 hours. You can also take the Cat Ba National Park tour to arrive at the Lan homestay.

    Option 2: Going through Lan Ha Bay by boat/canoe

    If you don't want to go for a long walk, you can move to Beo wharf and then hire a tender/canoe to go to the Viet Hai wharf.

    • Canoe price is about 700,000VND/trip and entrance tickets are 80,000VND/person(travel time is about 10 minutes. The above price is applied to groups less than 5 people. If it's more than 5 people, the price will be a bit higher, please contact us for the details

    In case you arrive at Beo wharf at 11 am (Monday - Saturday) or 4 pm (Sunday), you can contact Viet Hai commune ferry at a cost of only 50.000vnd/person. Besides, you can get free tickets to Lan Ha Bay.

    When arriving at the Viet Hai wharf, you can contact the Lan homestay at phone number 0914899027 for picking you up. The price to pick up and drop off at the Viet Hai wharf 2 ways by electric car is 50,000VND/person for a round trip. The golf car takes 20 minutes from the harbour to Lan homestay

    Attractions near the Lan homestay

    The Lan homestay space on the premises is enough for you to relax, rest as well as take some nice photos. In addition, there are many other attractions that are also extremely attractive to tourists.

    Trekking up Hai Quan hill and in Tien Duc cave

    These are the two most popular spots in Viet Hai because Hai Quan Peak is one of the highest peaks in Cat Ba with a view of the entire Cat Ba National Park, Lan Ha Bay, and Ha Long Bay. On clear days, you can see Ha Long city from here. The climb time is about 45 minutes.

    Tien Duc Cave is a very little-known destination, only 1.5km from the Lan homestay. The road is completely flat, there may be many bats in the cave in the summer. To go into the cave, you need to prepare a flashlight so that you can easily observe every corner of the cave.

    Visiting Lan Ha Bay

    From Lan homestay, if you want to visit Lan Ha Bay, you need to book in advance, we recommend that you should join the Lan Ha Bay one-day tour.

    Services available at Catba Lan homestay

    Because this is an isolated area, the Lan homestay provides services from dining to entertainment.

    Catering services here usually have to be booked in advance because the food here needs to be prepared longer than in town because they always buy new food and the preparation time is usually longer than in the town. Jogging chicken is always available here, and seafood and other jungle items need to be ordered at least 1 day in advance.

    In addition, you can rent bicycles, buy drinks at the bar, grill BBQ, light a campfire, etc.

    Hotel booking policy

    • Room rates are calculated by room/night

    • Check-in time: after 1:00 PM

    • Check-out time: Before 12 o'clock PM

    • Free cancellation 3 days before arrival

    • Not refund 100% deposit if canceled 2-3 days before check-in

    • Not refund 100% of the reservation value if canceled 1 day before check-in