Terms & Conditions


Customers accept the terms when booking services

We specify separate terms for each type of tour in the service description section. Customers, once they have booked our services in any form, have accepted our service booking terms.

Mandatory Service Cancellation

In the following cases, Beka Travel may cancel your tour:

  • Due to force majeure conditions: Natural disasters, storms, epidemics with orders from relevant authorities.

  • Customers do not show up to participate.

  • Customers do not comply with Beka Travel's terms and policies.

  • Customers have additional people added but did not notify in advance.


Refund Policy for Tour Cancellations

Each of our programs and services has a separate cancellation refund policy. Please refer to the product description for details.

Refund Policy for Canceled Tours

  • We will refund 100% of the tour cost in the event of tour cancellation due to force majeure conditions or if the relevant authorities do not permit its organization (e.g., storms, natural disasters, etc.).

  • If a customer cancels a tour, please refer to the cancellation terms in the product description.

  • Refunds to customers will be processed within 7 days from the date of tour departure.