Beaches On The Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is blessed with many beautiful beaches in nature. If you come here, take time to explore all the beauty of Cat Ba beaches to feel the distinctive features of each beach. Let's follow us!

Cat Co beaches 1,2,3

Cat Co beaches 1,2,3 are located only a few hundred meters from the center of Cat Ba town. You can walk or take an electric car, or motorbike taxi to Cat Co 1 beach or Cat Co 3 with only 10.000vnđ/person. Cat Co beaches are next to each other so visitors do not need to move many times but still be able to see all the beaches in the same road section. Admiring each beach, you will be immersed in the immense and majestic natural scenery. In the front, it is a big sea with fine white sand and in the back, it is the mountains covered by the cool green color of trees. Cat Co beach 1 and 2 are right at the foot of Flamingo.

Cat Co Beach 1 and 2 are located right at the foot of Flamingo. Cat Co 1 beach is more bustling than Cat Co 2. It is also the most beautiful and widest beach of the three ones. It is located in the middle. Meanwhile, Cat Co 2 beach brings a sense of peace and mystery. If you want to lie on the sand, watch the sea, enjoy a quiet space, listen to the sound of the waves, then visit this place.

Cat Ba Beaches - Cat Co 3 Beach

From Cat Co 1 Beach, tourists can head up the lane, crossing the mountain to reach Cat Co 3 Beach. Unlike the other 2 beaches, Beach Ca Co 3 is more modern with full catering services, relaxing on the beach, showering, etc.

The waves here are quite strong, so it is very suitable for tourists who want to experience thrills, like to dive and participate in sea games such as water jet skiing, canoeing, banana-boat driving, ...

In addition, the lane on the cliff connecting Beach 1 and Beach 3 is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Cat Co that you should not miss.

Although these beaches are small, they make visitors extremely satisfied and comfortable when immersing in them.

Tung Thu Beach

Tung Thu beach is not too far from the town center, only about 2km along the National Park road. Tung Thu beach is known as one of the most beautiful Cat Ba beaches that visitors cannot ignore when coming here.

Compared to Cat Co beaches, Tung Thu Beach is larger with a long stretch of white sand.

The water is clear and cool. The waves here are quite light, very suitable for families with young children. Dining and rest services at Tung Thu Beach are quite complete and especially, here outdoor activities and events such as team building, and BBQ are held right on the beach. Some exciting experiences are only at Tung Thu Beach such as kayaking, floating on a small boat in the middle of the sea, watching the scenery of nature, and feeling the peace of mind.

 Cat Ba beaches - Tung Thu Beache -

On crowded days, when the Cat Co beaches are often full, Tung Thu is a worthy choice.

Normally, every year, the Cat Ba beaches in the town center are cleaned to make an impression on visitors when they arrive here.

Ba Trai Dao Beach ("Three Peach" beach)

Ba Trai Dao is one of the most beautiful beaches located in Lan Ha Bay, including 30 the most beautiful natural large and small sand beaches in the bay. Originally called Ba Trai Dao because it consists of 3 small mountains, about 23m high, lying close together like 3 fairy peaches. At the foot of the mountain is a beach with clear water, you can even see the bottom on sunny days.

The beach is the most profound proof of the wildness of nature, that is, coral fossils, seashells, and snail shells are carried by waves to the shore, mixed with sand and gravel, creating a colorful sandy beach with many unique shapes.

Cat Ba Beaches - Three Peach Beach

The sea level is quite shallow because it is surrounded by mountains. Depending on the time, when the water is high, the entire sandy beach will be submerged, so visitors should carefully find out the time of high tide before coming here to swim.

Ba Trai Dao beach is a destination in the itinerary to visit Lan Ha Bay, cruise ships often anchor here so that tourists have time to rest, swim and relax, etc.

Monkey Island beach

Money island is located in the Lan Ha Bay area. It is nearly 2km from Beo Wharf and only takes about 15 minutes to get there.

Beaches on the Cat Ba Island - Monkey Island Beach

Monkey Island also owns 2 beautiful natural arc-shaped beaches, Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2, which Cat Dua 2 is visited by the most tourists. The structure of the beach on Monkey Island is similar to other pristine beaches on the bay, with the sand stretching for kilometers, with pieces of shells, shells, and coral debris washed ashore by the waves, becoming more sparkling under the sunshine.

Because of the spaciousness of Monkey Island beach, visitors will feel comfortable when swimming in the cool water without fear of being too crowded on peak days. The most exciting thing when coming to Monkey Island is swimming while watching the mischievous monkeys. However, the monkeys here are still wild, so you must be careful if they get close to them, and keep your personal belongings to avoid being taken by them.

Van Boi Beach

Van Boi beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches on Lan Ha Bay. Besides Ba Trai Dao, the Van Boi beach is also chosen as a destination in the itinerary to visit Lan Ha Bay package tours. Van Boi beach is quite small and is often flooded when the water rises, that's why it still retains the most natural primitive features. This is also a typical example of the deserted beaches on the island with the beach structure right at the foot of the mountain.

Cat Ba Beaches - Van Boi Beach

Van Boi beach is very clean, but there are a lot of dead sea creatures mixed in the sand, so you should be more careful when walking as well as swimming here. In addition, on strong-wind days, you should not swim too far from the beach, especially swimming to the edge and behind the beach because the waves there are quite large and they are easy to make you quickly burn out.

Which beach should you swim in Cat Ba?

Many people are curious about what the most beautiful Cat Ba beach is, which beach is most visited by people when traveling to Cat Ba? Each beach has its beauty, so it is impossible to compare or comment on which the most beautiful beach in Cat Ba is. Therefore, when coming to Cat Ba, you should take the time to visit and have fun at each beach to feel its beauty, its own space that only that place has.

How to get to Cat Ba beaches?

To get to the beautiful beaches at Cat Ba, from the center of Cat Ba town, you just need to take an electric car with a fare of 10.000vnđ (Cat Co 1,2,3) and 15.000vnđ (Tung Thu beach). You can also walk from the hotel to Cat Co beaches because the distance is quite close, it only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Tung Thu beach is quite far away, so taking an electric car is the most convenient way to travel.

Go to the Cat Ba beaches by elictric car

As for the beaches on the bay, you have to take a boat to get there, you should choose tours to visit Lan Ha Bay to save money but go to many places as well as have more fun time.

Above is all information about the beautiful Cat Ba beaches that Beka travel has introduced to you. Hopefully, through this information, you have had a more comprehensive view of Cat Ba beaches and if you are planning to come to Cat Ba, please refer to our tours here!

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